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Your Home Didn't Sell - And I know WHYJust coming off of another coating of snow in the Ocean State – and there are many people pointing to it and playing the BLAME GAME! Sellers and Agents alike are telling each other that the weather – whether meaning the two storms we’ve seen or the seasonally normal decline in temperatures – is the reason that real estate isn’t selling.

And they’d be 100% WRONG to do so.

One of the biggest misconceptions in the real estate industry is that homes don’t sell in the winter months. But the bigger truth – scratch that – the bigger, LESSER KNOWN truth… is that 20% of the agents do 80% of the business. So while the majority of agents are part-timers (some of them VERY GOOD, don’t get me wrong)… their business is not as consistent as the facts.


The majority of agents just don’t know it because it’s only the “OFF SEASON” for them! The “80 percenters” might be the majority in number, but they are in the minority when it comes to yearly transactions each year. As such – THEIR VERSION of the truth is often spread more rapidly, and to a larger number of people who don’t have any reason to doubt their friend or connection, who happens to hold a license to practice real estate.

To prove my point… let’s take a look at the numbers.

Here is a snapshot of the activity for 90 days in the Spring/Summer season:

(June 1st 2015 – through August 31st, 2015)

532 Sold Condos

448 Sold Multi Family Homes

3,151 Sold Single Family Homes

And this is a snapshot of activity over the past 90 days from today:

(November 11th, 2015 through February 9th, 2016)

330 Sold Condos

393 Sold Multi Family Homes

2,074 Sold Single Family Homes

Was there a decline from the warmer months to the colder months? Yes. We had 38% fewer Condo Sales, only a 12% dip in Multi Family Sales and a 34% drop in Single Family Sales. Combining all 3 categories… would bring us to a 32% overall decline in sales.

The point is… HOMES ARE SELLING. And the dip has nothing to do with the weather. There are many other factors at play.

Interest rates are still at record low numbers. Buyer activity is high. The #1 reason why a home doesn’t sell… is unique to each home. Location, the condition of the home, and pricing are all factors. But what cannot be excluded is the actual marketing of your home, the photographs and especially who you entrust the sale of your home to.

Listing your home isn’t enough, if all of the other components aren’t playing in concert with each other in a positive way. And listing your home isn’t enough if you’ve potentially hired the wrong agent. This is a major contributing factor as to why homes are listed and then end up not selling. Agents who do less business are less likely to educate you because they, themselves are not in the “trenches” every day. They’re so happy to have their sign on your lawn that they forget to educate you on the other contributing factors that could be stopping your sale. This includes having the discipline and experience to NOT LIST YOUR HOME if you are priced too high for the market.

There are 30-year agents who make the same mistakes… so it really becomes more about who can demonstrate their experience, professionalism and commitment, while also demonstrating that they are worthy of being entrusted with managing the 132 steps necessary to take your home from LISTED to SOLD!

If you’re one of the many people who are tired of TRYING to sell your house… we should talk.  My team and I specialize in selling homes that have recently expired.

I don’t make false promises and I might not tell you what you WANT to hear all the time.  But what I WILL do… is work hard (and long hours) to earn your trust – and to SELL YOUR HOME!

Reach me ASAP to get your copy of my HOME SELLING SYSTEM, which includes “5 SELLING STRATEGIES” that work! And to pepper me with questions that might be helpful to your goal of closing the deal for the most money possible.

And if you’re not looking to sell… or buy… that’s okay. Just keep my name handy and pass it on when someone you know needs my help.

To sum up my philosophy…

While some will argue that the glass is half empty… and some will argue that the glass is half full… I never have time to pick a side… because I’m too busy SELLING the glass.

I look forward to SELLING YOU soon!


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