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This nice little Cape sits on a 10,000 Square Foot lot on a quiet street in Darlington… and as of today… it’s already SOLD after about a week on the market!!!

About three weeks ago the Sellers received a cash offer and were ready to sign on the dotted line. It was a GREAT deal to them!! They would be walking away with a profit of about $75,000 after paying off their mortgage.  I was then called in to put the contracts together but I immediately noticed that the Sellers were about to let it go for a lot LESS than they could have been getting.

The couple had owned the home for almost 35 years and really had no idea as to the value of their home. Once I educated them… they decided to follow my advice and allowed me to LIST their home for a higher price. The end result is that they will now be netting more than $25,000 more than they would have gotten if they didn’t take my professional opinion.

As you can imagine… the original Buyer (at the lower price) was none too pleased. But just think about it… that Buyer was truly hoping to make a score by offering a low price and by attempting to keep a real estate professional OUT of the mix. Anytime someone tries to do this – often under the guise of “saving money”, or “keeping things simple”… what they are potentially doing is attempting to gain an unfair advantage.

The moral to the story… KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SELLING! Not knowing your homes value… can absolutely hurt your bottom line!!

Do you know of anyone who has a home to sell? Do they truly know what they are selling?  Whether they THINK they do… or if they honestly don’t… call me TODAY to get more REAL ANSWERS to your REAL ESTATE questions!!

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