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Even though over 90% of real estate buyers first see the home of their dreams on the internet… there is still one factor that will NEVER be discounted when people are conducting an active search for a new home… THE LOCATION! So when people drive by their desired area and see a “For Sale” sign on an appealing home… and if they are serious buyers… they pounce on it!

After stalking the property, they take note of the phone number on the sign and then call the Realtor. That’s when they get the bad news that the home is no longer available because it as been SOLD (meaning that it’s under contract TO be sold – or – as we call it in the business… “PENDING”).

Real Estate signs quite often do not have “PENDING” on them when the status of a home is actually pending the final consummation of the sale (we call THAT… the “CLOSING:”). Sometimes it’s just because the Realtor ran out of signs or maybe didn’t make (or have) the time to swap the “For Sale” sign for the “Pending” sign.

Another reason why this happens is because some Realtor’s would rather leave the sign alone to keep their phones ringing with inquiries on the property. This often translates into that Realtor making a connection with unattached, qualified buyers. After all… in the wonderful world of real estate sales… listings are an incredible source – if not the PRIMARY source – of generating relationships that can translate into future business.

Last year I listed a home in East Providence and, even after I had a contract on the home, I did NOT put a pending sign on the property. It would be extremely fair to say that I had more than a few annoyed callers who kept inquiring on the home because they saw the sign had not changed (it still read “For Sale”). Their frustration came from the fact that the home remained unavailable to them… no matter how many times they called. I even had 2 or 3 of them repeat the fact that the house “can’t be under contract”… because the SIGN still said “For Sale”. Needless to say… each of those conversations became nothing more than an exercise in futility for me.

But the little bit of effort I had to put into receiving those calls was outweighed substantially by the positive benefits that I created for myself.

I actually picked up four new buyer-clients from that one, small listing. With one of those four buyers – I found a home, made an offer and even closed the deal just one day prior to selling the original home that generated the client for me in the first place. On top of that… I successfully did the same with two more of those buyers in the following month.  The fourth and final set of buyers, who I met at that nice little listing in East Providence, took a bit longer to find the right home.  It’s been almost a year since I first met them… since then they were even MARRIED!  But I am proud to say that this very week we finally found and negotiated a contract for a new home for them. And I couldn’t be happier to see them excited about owning their first home… and starting their new life!! — (CONGRATS DAVE & TINA)

In short… that respectable series of transactions came from one source… the single sign on the original listing. And I do NOT plan to be changing my business practices any time soon… even though I would HAVE to if my selling client requested it.

So if you’re one of the many who has been frustrated when you see a sign on a home and it turns out NOT to be available because it’s actually “Pending”… well now you know why.  To get the best information on what is – or what isn’t – for sale… the best move you can make is to have a Realtor of your own, filtering the properties so that you have the latest market information at your fingertips on a daily basis. Then you won’t be among those frustrated buyers who just can’t seem to grasp why that “For Sale” sign is still on that house!

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