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Donnie Bennett


5 user0726710

My wife and I happened upon Donnie while inquiring about a home for sale in Riverside. It was a home that he had listed with his agency. We were pleasantly surprised with his honesty, which frankly is something not found easily these days.

Although, I know he was very busy, he always took the time to either take our calls, or quickly return them. My wife and I had dragged him to almost 20 homes until we found the one that was right for us.

I know that they all realtors say, “it’s our job” But I have worked with other realtors who said it but didn’t mean it. Donnie MEAN’T it. He is truly a Real Estate professional. And he has a terrific support staff. Without a doubt Donnie is our Realtor for life!

Bob & Nancy Gubala

5 user8689892

Donnie is very motivated in every aspect of Real Estate.He is vert patent with with anyone who does not understand certain things,he walks them through the process and makes sure that whomever he is dealing with understands what is going on.Donnie is always available to answer any questions that may arise.Donnie is very understanding,compassionate and very sensitive to other peoples needs.He is very knowledgeable,if he is not sure of something he will make sure he finds the answer that he is looking for.

5 RobertDHenderson

During a difficult time of my life Donnie Bennet worked hard to help me Short Sale my home. He has always conducted himself in a professional manner. He’s straightforward,Honest & Has Integrity. I’m not only a client I’m a life long friend. Thank You for Helping me through a very stressful time in my life. Sincerely, Robert D Henderson

5 user7057648

My wife and i were looking for houses for almost a year without the assistance of a real estate professional. We had met Donnie at a house that he had listed and my wife and I both new that this was an agent that we wanted to work with. Donnie assisted us in purchasing a FSBO in 2007 and he made the process seamless. I would highly recommend his services and his expertise.

5 user231289

Donnie is diligent and determined. He answers his e-mails and phone calls right away and consistently giving one a feeling of confidence and importance. He loves what he does and works hard for his clients!!

5 user6828241

Donnie did an amazing job helping my husband & I find our dream home. He was very patient and determined to find us exactly what we were looking for. He was very detail-oriented & kept us well informed throughout the whole looking/purchasing process.

5 user281369

I am in the process of doing multiple rentals/sales. I have spoken to Donnie on the phone and via email several times. He is very knowledgeable about the Real Estate Business. I have to to say I was very impressed. He spent a lot of his own time educating me and teaching me things I never new. And he actually listens to what your wants and needs are. You do not get that from Real Estate Agents at all. I am looking forward to working with him very soon.

5 PrajwalShetty

Donnie helped us move into a flat in River Haven. He is super witty and equally professional. He keeps you in complete comfort zone and make sure you are satisfied with the deal. Best realtor i have met.He helped us get the best flat in woonsocket.

5 matthew thompson711

My wife and I met Donnie when he showed is a property he had listed. He took the time before hand to give us his background in real estate and to see how much we knew about our rights as buyers. It turned out we didn’t know anywhere near what we needed to purchase a home on our own. Donnie became a great asset and resource to have on our side to make sure we were treated respectfully and we’re not taken advantage of. We ended up with a wonderful home in a great location and could not be happier. Even better still we now have a trusted ally and friend in Donnie and a great real estate team at our disposal should we need one again in the future.

5 sandyman518

I inquired about a home that Donnie Bennett was handling and got a call from him in less than 3 minutes. He seemed to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful when we spoke. He gave me information that I could not find on line and made some excellent suggestions to help me with my search. He also took the time to send me a list of qualified homes in my search area! If we were not already connected with a broker I would certainly use Donnie. I was very impressed with him.

5 romar67

My wife and I first worked with Donnie Bennett on the purchase of our current home, which as a short sale. As many people know, short sales can be a total nightmare. Our short sale purchase was not without it’s complications, but Donnie managed to make all of the challenges less stressful. He worked with us every step of the way, and without his help, I do not think that we would have been successful in purchasing this home. Since that time, we have met with Donnie on other matters and taken advantage of his real estate knowledge to help in our decision making. I would not only call Donnie our realtor but also, a great friend!

5 jsendling

We just can’t say enough about the experience of working with Donnie Bennett! Truth is, we weren’t even certain that we were ready to jump in and buy another home. Especially a short sale! We both had heard horror stories of people who waited months for seller sale approval only to learn that the bank had decided to let the home go into foreclosure. Plus, we weren’t ready to sell our current home. It just felt like the odds were against us before we even walked in the door. We finally decided to look at this property simply because it just looked too good to be true – large private lot at the end of a dead-end road, roomy house, in ground pool with a giant pool house – simply put, it was our dream home. We told Donnie that we didn’t think it likely that we had any shot at all. His positive, upbeat, “oh yes you can” attitude is really what gave us the confidence to dive in and try. Being a short sale, much of the process involved activities completely beyond our control. Yet Donnie did an extraordinary job of keeping us informed, and keeping our worries at bay. We credit him with our continued ability to sleep at night throughout this whole process! We would (and will!) recommend Donnie to anyone we know who is looking to buy or sell their home. We will be calling him when we decide to sell our former home, and again when we get up the nerve to jump into real estate investment. If you are reading this because you are searching for the best realtor in the area…look no further. Call Donnie. Odds are, your dream home is right within his reach. Thanks, Donnie. You are the best! -jen & viv

5 zuser20140424081203775

Donnie was extremely helpful and never kept us waiting. He had more knowledge and experience than the other three realtors combined in my opinion. His no nonsense approach to the real estate market was exeactly what we needed. He was honest and upfront so there were no surprises and was a phone call away every time we needed him. Not just a voicemail but answers!! ( even when on the other end with another client) I could not have asked more from him, extremely organized and point on with his market analysis. We sold our house in TWO DAYS!!!!


5 rviveiros68

Donnie was our agent when we were looking for a home, and helped us understand the process and our options. He took his time to ensure we were comfortable with everything we were doing, and pointer out some things we weren’t even looking for. We truly felt like he had our best interest in mind. HIGHLY RECOMENDED

5 monica lyde barnes

I just got off the phone with Donnie Bennett and I must say he is quite a delightful person. Since I am considered a transfer to RI, he addressed my needs by supplying me with information about the rental market. I found him to be quite knowledgeable and experienced in the RI market. The information he provided will allow me make informed decisions as I prepare for my move to RI. I highly recommend him as a high energy, multi tasking, assertive realtor who takes care of business. Great speaking with you~

5 zuser20140521062501056

Donnie helped us buy our first house this year, after a year of searching. He was always honest, direct, and knowledgeable about whether the house would benefit our family’s situation. He was always ON THE BALL whenever something came up, and one time was on the phone with me until MIDNIGHT when we had a situation, reaching out to contacts, negotiating on our behalf, and making sure the purchase could still happen. He is assertive and not afraid to speak out and advocate for our needs, he did this many times, and even helped find us a better lender which means we now have a lower interest rate on our home. Whenever I wanted to view a house, he would be there at any time I wanted. I found it very easy and comfortable to interact with him, and was never afraid to call him, he would answer EVERY time. If he couldn’t help me with an unrelated question, he would get in contact with someone who could. He got things DONE. If we sell in the future, I would definitely use Donnie!

5 Subash Manickam

Donnie definitely went above and beyond his job description. A few years back I was looking for an investment property and found the property I wanted online. I gave my information to few of the agents listed on that site. After 2 days I was really disappointed to see no one bothered to contact me. That’s when I came across Donnie’s profile and I submitted my information to contact me. I got a call from Donnie within 10 minutes of hitting the send button. He was very responsive and I could feel the enthusiasm in him to give me the best possible service. Donnie’s excellence is really solid and consistent. We ended up closing that deal and ever since then I have used his services to buy many more investment properties. Consistency and positive response have been his trademark since day one. Following are the things that I think Donnie has consistently exceeded: 1. Expertise: we all know that the quickest way to know a person’s level of knowledge is by asking tons of questions (I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s just what first time investors do and me being myself). I couldn’t recall the specific questions that I’ve asked Donnie but I was very impressed every time when I got the response from Donnie. His expertise and timely response makes him really reliable. 2. Timely communication: Donnie has so many clients on his hands but I was amazed by how he was still able to respond to my emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. It’s not just about the deliver on time. It’s the accuracy of his response and the knowledge he has that really makes the whole home buying process smooth. 3. Care: This is where I really think Donnie went above and beyond. It’s very rare to find a good real estate agent who cares for you and gets the best possible deal. Donnie is very good at following with the concerned parties and gets the answers you want. He is a great problem solver. We all know that buying any property is a very stressful process. Honestly, Donnie has been the big driving force in encouraging me to buy more investment properties. He has helped me a lot and made me feel so easy. I highly recommend everyone to use his services. Thank you Donnie!!

5 brucegerm

If you’re reading this review to figure out if Donnie Bennett is the right agent for you STOP READING. You’re only going to get bored with hearing how great he is. That’s because – HE REALLY IS GREAT. Donnie came to the first appointment totally prepared. Complete folders of all the comparable homes that sold around my home, an actual written strategy on how to market my home against my competition, and a thorough search of the property’s government records. And get this …when it came time to list the home I found out that he’s ALSO a gifted photographer!! He is a regular one man band with every aspect of selling my home being like a different musical instrument that he’s clearly mastered. My home was published on numerous web sites, and Donnie took every single call I made to him PERSONALLY. I can only recall one instance where he didn’t answer but he actually called me right back while I was in the middle of leaving him a message. I met three members of his team and they were all equally as professional to work with. Donnie sold my home for exactly $50,000 over and above the appraised value.

5 atenreiro0

I don’t know if words can express how amazing and professional he is. He was somehow able to anticipate all of our needs and met every one of them. Our circumstance was a little unique but He was able to work with us. He explained everything very thoroughly and was always available anytime we needed him (day or night, weekday or weekend). He was patient with us the whole time! I wish I could give him greater than 5 stars! Thank you so much Donnie! You are a rock star!!

5 rycerocket600

Donnie helped me purchase my first home for my son and I. He was extremely helpful and patient. He personally walked through every step of the way and I couldn’t have asked for a more professional real-estate agent. He helped me manage the biggest purchase in my life while keeping my stress level at a minimum. I would recommend Donnie Bennett to any family members or closest friends.

5 thothmoses18

Donnie Bennett is truly a professional. He help me purchase my first single family home in providence with no money down, and made sure that I received everything that I asked the seller for. Donnie also gave me professional assistance and advice with what steps I should take with a real estate agent by the name of Scott Granfield who got me mixed up in some bad real estate deals also in providence. Donnie Bennett is the Realtor to go with.

5 melissacrumri

Donnie was a pleasure to work with. He definitely made sure that I understood that he was working for me. He’s professional but very entertaining which is helpful in stressful situations. I would absolutely work with him again and recommend him too everybody. So, too sum it all up- HE DOESN’T SUCK 🙂

5 jlorman62687

Donnie was such an amazing partner in our home buying experience. He put our needs and request as his top priority. He was knowledgeable and honest. When we first started the home buying process before I contacted Donnie it was a total nightmare but once he was involved it moved smoothly and made sure we were happy with every step. I would recommend him to any of my friends and family.

5 user3124886

Donnie was great he worked hard to help sell my house and my parents to get us into a larger house with in law. He went up and beyond to provide the best experience we could have and make the transaction move fast and smoothly. Highly recommend Donnie for all your real estate needs.

5 jessicac401

Donnie went above and beyond in every way possible with the sale of my home. He helped me every step of the way, day or night, weekdays and weekends. He always answered and he was never not available. I would definitely recommend Donnie for any real estate transaction. He was professional, caring, and worked his butt off for me! I wish I could give more than 5 stars!!

5 chollie2

As a first time home buyer who had gone through 3 other real estate agents, I can’t say enough about Donnie’s care for his clients. He was there for me every step of the way from searching for a house, to attending open houses with me, providing me his unbiased opinion in helping to meet my needs, putting me in touch with other professionals to seek advice before making a final decision. Once I found a house I was ready to move forward on, he was still there guiding me through the process, not just to closing, but even still being there for me after closing, answering questions I had once in the home. He has been AMAZING! I can’t say enough about how he looks out for his clients above and beyond everything else. He has even prepared me to walk away from a deal if the sellers were not reasonable or if an inspection didn’t go as wished. I truly felt like I was in the best hands possible in such a stressful situation. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone! He sold my friend’s home and she also can’t say enough about how hard he worked for her! He’s hardworking, extremely responsive, honest, a fighter, tremendous negotiator, patient, hysterical (and who can’t use humor in a high stress process), and a man of integrity. What else can you ask for? Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Donnie for your help every single step of the way! I appreciate you

5 Elizabethr629

What a life saver!!!! Excellent service and professionalism by Donnie from day one. He was sincere and helpful from the first phone call and up until the very end. Just the type of person you need when looking for your first home. He saved me from a not so good experience from a different agent and he helped me find the perfect home from the 1st day I called him. He got me into a same day viewing, placed an offer same day, and not even 24 hours later, offer accepted!! BEST AGENT EVER!!!

5 lluis1017

Donnie helped me with buying my first home & also selling it a few years down the line. I can honestly say he was a life saver in both transactions. He was always available to answer any questions or help me with any requests, he definitely takes pride in what he does and cares for his clients satisfaction. We faced quite a few obstacles with selling the property because of some not so pleasant tenants I had previously rented to but Donnie helped me get everything in order so we can sell the property fast. I would recommend Donnie Bennett to anyone without hesitation.

1 Mygirl15

I am beyond disgusted with the support received from Donnie Bennett in the process of purchasing my own. Donnie was not looking out for me as a seller but more about making his own commision on the property. Every time we had an appointment scheduled he was late, making up various reasons why. He did nothing for us except not disclose and lie to us about thousands of dollars that we were unaware of. He was unprofessional throughout the process, even sighting that he did not like the seller’s realtor and disclosing a bad relationship between the two of them. I would not trust him to work with ever again, and hope that he at least learned from the terrible experience that I had with him. I am not one to ever write a review on anyone but I feel that others need to be aware of this situation. I would go into more details but more lawsuit prohibits me from doing so.

1 parma 17

Very Condescending. Feels the need to “educate you”. Doesn’t listen to why you may have contacted him but rather likes to hear himself talk. If you know absolutely nothing and like being talked down to then this is the person for you. If you are looking for information be for warned, you will get someone who will go on and on, waste of your time, and not address your needs.

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